America's Oldest Breed of Livestock

Who Are We?

Mark Fields with Champion Bantam at the 2000 Dominique National.   This pullet was also Champion R.C.C.L. and Reserve Champion Bantam of the entire show

I am Mark Fields.  My Dominiques have been appearing in showrooms across the country for over 20 years. The large fowl stock came from a variety of sources including Hemphill, Voter and Hyman. The bantams were bred from Hemphill, Phelps and Kiser stains. While I didn’t have the best birds, they certainly held their own in competition.

Up until about 2000 I was an aggressive competitor, however health issues slowed me down and eventually the flocks were dispersed.

For 10 years I was secretary of the Dominique Club of America, having taken it on when Roger Voter passed away. During this time the book The American Dominique – A Treatise for the Fancier was completed and published. I am very proud that this text has become a significant reference book for Dominique enthusiasts.

I continue to research and collect information on the Dominique. It is surprising how much material has been discovered in the years since the book was published. It is hoped that someday a second edition can be produced.

You are encouraged to contact the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy or the Dominique Club of America for help in locating stock or answering questions. If you have a question that you’d like addressed to us, simply send us an email, with “Dominique” in the subject line. We receive so much junk email that we discard any without a recognizable subject line.