America's Oldest Breed of Livestock

Interpreting the Standard

I’m very pleased that the Dominique is experiencing a resurgence in the showroom. Unfortunately this rapid renewed interest in both large and bantam has resulted in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors being shown. To aid both the judge and the breeder I have created this 24 page brochure. In it we cover the following topics:

•   Disqualifications

•   Special Notes to Judges

•   The Standard Weights

•   Important Considerations on Combs

•   Shape of Male

•   Shape of Female

•   Color & pattern

•   Front Profiles

•   Shape of back

•   Bottom Line of bird

•   Back and Body Width

•   Tail shape

•   Detail of Feathers

•   Bantam vs Large Fowl

•   Summary of Important Points Needing Addressed

A copy of this brochure was sent to all licensed ABA & APA judges.  Additionally the brochure is available for other interested parties.  This concise review of the Dominique Standard should help us all focus on the points needed to breed better birds. Printed on heavy paper this is meant to be used, not gather dust on the shelf!  The cost is $10 each which includes postage or click here to download and print your own copy for free:   Interpreting the Dominique Standard in 2015.